Rift Mage Stormcaller/Elementalist Rehberi, Raid Dps

Posted: May 16, 2011 in Rift Mage

The spec is 34 points in Elementalist and 32 Points in Stormcaller. check the movie information box for a link to the exact spec. (http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=1zyqz.VMdxMpcsbo.Vtcz0xkAdz)

This spec is arguably the best single target DPS, and defiantly the best AoE dps.

For single target there are 2 debuffs you should maintain on the target at all times. 3 Stacks of Electrify and Ice Shear. Stacks of Electrify can be applied by Raging Storm, Forked Lightning, Thunderbolt or Lightning Storm. I prefer to apply the initial 3 stacks with Raging Storm and then maintain the stack with Forked Lightning or Raging Storm. Raging Storm is the fastest way to apply all three stacks, and Forked Lightning is higher damage then Thunderbolt. Ice Shear can only be applied by the spell Ice Shear, so there are not many options for maintaining that debuff.

The standard rotation is:
Raging Storm > Ice Shear > Lightning Strike > Lightning Field 5 times > Forked Lightning to refresh Electrify and then repeat starting with Ice Shear.

An alternative rotation is
3x Forked Lightning > Ice Shear > Lightning Strike > Lightning Field twice > Raging Storm > Then Alternating this and the standard rotation because the Raging Storm cooldown is 20 seconds long and cannot be used every rotation.

As soon as you have full charge activate Static Discharge, Intensify Elements, Static Flux, and on use Trinkets/Items in that order. You will want to do this immediately after reapplying your debuffs to get the most our of your cooldowns. Once everything is active continue your normal rotation.

While everything is on cooldown be sure you are activating Static Flux whenever you have charge.

The AoE rotation is pretty straight forward. If there are 5 or less Mobs use Forked Lightning 3 times, and then Lightning Field. Then just rinse and repeat until everything is dead.
If there 3 mobs you can cast Lightning Field twice before refreshing with Forked Lightning, if there are 2 mobs you can cast lightning Field 3 times before refreshing with Forked Lightning.
You can also maintain Hypothermia on the targets with hailstorm, or Arctic Blast but the benefit is mediocre at best.

If there is more then 5 targets use Lightning Storm followed by Lightning Field once. Continue with Forked Lightning 3 times followed by Lightning Field.

That is pretty much it. There are variations on this spec for specific fights, and some people even work in Building Storm and Arctic Blast. For more information check out bluedots.org.


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